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UPDATE: The Schaumburg Police Department in a statement said the car drove through the #Woodfield shopping mall entrance near the Sears and Rainforest Cafe. The car drove through the mall common area before finally stopping in the mall’s center court. The suspect was identified only as a 22-year-old man. His name has not been released pending charges. The man was detained by mall patrons while police arrived, the statement said.

September 20, 2019 Law enforcement officials in Schaumburg remain tight-lipped about the suspect in Friday’s Woodfield Mall incident—but witnessed are not.


Several witnesses say the driver of the Chevy SUV appeared to intentionally ram the vehicle into kiosks as he plowed through the center of the shopping mall. An employee at a tea shop inside the mall, Robert Fakhouri said the driver was arrested inside of his store. He said the young man remained calm and told police he acted alone.

CBS News reporter Eric Cox arrived at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg around 4 p.m. Cox said several people were talking to police and others appear to be receiving medical attention. Police have since said there were no serious injuries.


Several recent incidents at shopping malls across America indicate an alert and wary public. Last week, reports of an active shooter at a mall at Ballston Quarter, Arlington, Virginia, sparked panic. The mall was evacuated after reports of an active shooter inside the Regal movie theater, however, police said they found no evidence of a shooter at the scene.

In August, Houston Police released photos of a young man wanted in connection to a stampede at Memorial City Mall. The young man walked into the food court at the mall and said he was going to kill himself, causing panic. The suspect then fled on foot. What may have once been viewed as a prank, is now treated as a terroristic threat.

Mall Threats

Worldwide, shopping malls have long been a favorite target for terrorists and several attempts have been interrupted in the U.S. and several plots have been uncovered in the planning stages.

Since 9/11, homes of suspected terrorists raided by the U.S. government have uncovered detailed plans to attack U.S. shopping malls including photographs, maps and architectural plans.

In 2006, police foiled a terrorist plot targeting CherryVale Mall in Rockford, Illinois. The attack was planned to take place during the Christmas season.

In 2004, during the Christmas rush, malls in L. A. and Chicago were targeted, and the information was leaked to the public. Government agencies do not favor releasing such critical information, because they don’t want to alarm public—due to the potential harm it may cause the U.S. economy.